100% Pure | Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer Review

When I started searching for healthier alternatives to conventional makeup, I wondered if the performance would stack up. Concealer was something I was especially concerned about, it’s vital to your makeup kit to have a reliable concealer to get you through skin disasters. After trying some concealers that really didn’t cut it, I found 100% Pure's Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer.

100% Pure's goal is to provide healthy skin care, cosmetics and bath and body products. They are based out of Silicon Valley and pride themselves on creating “health food” for the skin. 

Brand Standards: 100% Natural, Toxin Free, Organic, Cruelty Free, Free of artificial colorants, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemical preservatives. (Info from 100% Pure)

The 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer has great coverage and lives up to its name by holding up great on the skin. I would say it’s medium to full coverage, and has a matte finish once on. I chose the shade Crème, but I think I could also have pulled off the lighter shade, Alpine Rose.

The 100% Pure Long Last Concealer is creamy and blends with ease and never dries my skin out. Despite the coverage it offers, it does not feel like I’m wearing makeup. It also looks natural on my skin, and doesn’t cake or gather in fine lines. 

The packaging is adorable, it’s a tiny purple compact that fits anywhere you need it, makeup kit, purse, you name it.  It’s easy to open and closes easily and properly seals so the product stays clean. It also has a mirror to help you with touch ups.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Shea Butter, Candelelia Wax, Extracts of Organic Green Coffee*, Organic Rice Powder*, Peach, Carrot, Cocoa, Apricot, Lavender Powder, Chamomile, Organic Rosehip Oil*, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Cocoa Butter, Extracts of Organic Rosemary*, Organic Oregano*, Organic Thyme*, Organic Grapefruit Seed* and Organic Goldenseal* * Certified Organic

This has happily taken a spot in my makeup kit for when I need to cover breakouts. If you like using cream concealers on your under eyes, this would be great for that too. I personally don’t use cream concealers on my under eyes, I prefer liquid. 

Something else I've noticed about using healthier, more natural products is that they lack that “makeup smell” which I never loved. Especially 100% Pure, all their products either don’t have a scent or smell like fruit and/or something delicious but hard to describe. I also use their lip products (review on that coming up soon!) and by gosh do they ever smell great.

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