Zesty Quinoa & Veggie Salad

Quinoa with lime, tomato and parsley in a white bowl arranged as a flatlay on barnboard

This quinoa recipe is: gluten free, vegan, and dairy-free!

This is a recipe I have been making for years. It’s my go-to lunch, I’ve been known to eat this for days in a row. 

I needed something delicious that was free of gluten, dairy, sugar, oil—all those ingredients I like to avoid on a daily basis. 

It’s a very refreshing taste, packed with flavour. This is a huge hit whenever I serve it to my friends, or bring it as a side dish when I am invited to lunch or dinner. 

If you want a quinoa dish that will make quinoa skeptics change their mind (even if they won’t admit it) then this is the dish for you!

Quinoa is a plant-based protein, is gluten free and has a light, nutty flavour.

It’s important to rinse raw quinoa before cooking it. I find it has a very strong, almost too-salty taste if you skip this step. I’ve even found I sometimes need to rinse quinoa that is claimed to already be pre-rinsed!

I have gone through many brands of quinoa and my current favourite is GoGo Quinoa's Organic Royal White Quinoa! It tastes delicious and cooks easily. It's gluten/wheat free, non-gmo, organic and vegan. Plus, the packaging is gorgeous!

Quinoa with lime, tomato and parsley in a white bowl on barn board seen from above

Cooking Quinoa in a Rice Cooker or pot:
1 cup Quinoa
1 and 1/2 cups water

If using a pot: Bring to a boil then reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. Once cooked, drain any excess water. Tip: if this is your first time cooking quinoa, you should monitor it closely to make sure it doesn’t get burnt on the bottom, and stir often!

With a rice cooker: since rice cookers are automatic, just add the quinoa and water and turn it on. Keep an eye on it and stir periodically because standard rice cooker settings are usually too long for quinoa. Tip: with my rice cooker I turn it off after it has boiled for 15 minutes and leave the lid on. I find whats left of the heat cooks the quinoa the rest of the way. When quinoa is cooked properly it will be fluffy.

Limes seen from above used in a Quinoa Salad

3 limes
Parsley, to taste, chopped
1 cup cucumbers, diced
Cherry tomatoes, whole or diced 

Let the quinoa cool to room temperature (if its too hot it will wilt the parsley) 
Squeeze the limes
Chop the parsley
Dice the cucumbers
Let the quinoa cool...
Add all the ingredients and stir!

I usually pop my quinoa salad in the fridge to get cold, but it's also delicious freshly made!

Close up of cucumbers seen from above

Cherry Tomatoes sliced in half seen close up from above

A close up of parsley

If you try this recipe, let me know! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

A quinoa salad made with Lime, Tomatoes, parsley, and cucumbers

Quinoa, tomatoes, parsley, cucumber salad

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