It's time for part 02 of my Rocky Mountain Soap Haul! (See Part 01 here) Today I want to talk about one of my favourite things I got from this online order/haul--the Six Soap Sampler. I was actually planning to order this on my own, but Rocky had a promotion that if you spent $75 (CAD) you would get this set for free! (You also get free shipping in Canada at $75.)

I ordered from Rocky a year (or two years ago? It was the year that Sugar Plum was their holiday scent) and I did the same promotion that year, so I knew what a great deal it was. This is not your typical "free gift" kind of deal, this is a full out gift set and I am impressed with the amount of product I'm getting! I've actually reviewed some of Rocky Mountain Soap Co's soaps before that I got from that year. Check it out here!

Their soaps are what helped me realize I needed to switch over to natural products if I still wanted fun, scented soaps. I have skin allergies to synthetic perfume, and the use of harsh synthetics in typical products was aggravating those allergies even more. Rocky Mountain Soap Co's soaps (and all products) are 100% natural, not tested on animals, and packed with healthy skin loving ingredients like coconut oil. It's free of synthetic foaming agents like SLS (super harsh on your skin) and free of sulfates and arabens (and all the stuff you've heard you should avoid. So enjoy this worry free!)

Brand Standards: Toxin Free, 100% Natural, No animal testing, Eco-friendly (RMSC’s products do not harm natural habitats or aquatic life once down the drain and into the environment) (Info from:Rocky Mountain Soap Co.)

In the description of this product Rocky describes them as "half bars" of soap, which to me means it's the typical full sized cut in half. The full size bars are big, so don't let the fact that they're being called half throw you. This is a lot of product!

The variety of the Six Soap Sampler is amazing. If you are a soap lover or know a soap lover this is a great set to give or get. There's no way they won't like at least a couple of the scents.

Six Soap Sampler
I've listed the scents from left to right below! (The set from this link is similar to the one I'm reviewing except it has Raspberry Rooibos soap instead of Lemon Lime.)

Cinnamon - Spicy, sweet and beautiful to look at. It has dark shades swirled in a light base. This one is my favourite! I have used it before and can't wait to use it again.
Lavender - If you love lavender, then this will be your favourite! For me, I don't typically love lavender, but Rocky includes yarrow herb which I find really enhances the lavender and makes it great to have in your collection! Here's my other review on this soap.
Lemongrass - Lemongrass is another scent that I don't typically reach for, but this also has rosemary in it, which for me really makes a difference with it's scent profile. I find this soap is this lovely, herbal citrus scent. I like it way more than I expected!
Seaweed & Spearmint - Fresh and uplifting, I wouldn't have known at first it has mint it. It just smells really yummy and light. I've used this one before and I'm happy to have it again.
Pumpkin - This one has a very light scent. I'm not sure if it really smells like anything beyond the oils in it like coconut and olive. My goodness is this great for dry/chapped skin! This has helped me handle winter. Here's my other review on this soap.
Lemon Lime - YUM. This smells like a citrus candy. It's also gorgeous to look at, with its yellow base with blue mixed in.


  1. I love Rocky Mountain soap
    Smell so good and I plan to get some baby stuff for my kids soon.

    Ps. Great company.

    1. All Rocky's products smell amazing! I've heard they have great baby products. If you wind up buying some, let me know how your kids like them!


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