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Camamu Spicy Chai Soap unwrapped with a mug of chai tea arranged as a flatlay

Camamu has made me add Portland, Oregon to my must travel list. I'd love to stop by their shop and see a store full of their lovely creations. They create 100% natural artisan soaps with a goal to create products that are healthy for our skin and nourish our bodies.

I love how Camamu describes their creative process: "Our process is to stretch the creative possibilities of an 'everyday' object - visual beauty, color, texture and the subtle aromatherapy of essential oils are a big part of the joy of Camamu."

So yes, this means I'm back with more soap. I LOVE soap. It's such an easy thing to buy, but a hard thing for brands to get right, so when they do, of course I'm going to tell you guys all about it.

Camamu Spicy Chai Soap flatlay on a black background

Chai has some of my favourite spices in it: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom to name a few. Chai is completely unique and some of the best tea I've ever had... so when I saw that I could get it in the form of soap to slather all over my body, I was pretty happy about that. If you think chai tea is relaxing to drink, imagine having it in the shower, creating a spicy spa experience. 

Camamu Spicy Chai Soap flatlay with mug of tea and a cinnamon stick

This soap is infused with chai and black teas and honey to add sweetness and to nourish your skin. Camamu didn't stop there, they packed this pretty bar with cardamom, cinnamon, cassia, clove and black pepper essential oils. With a base made from olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm and castor oils, how can you go wrong?

Camamu's Spicy Chai Soap creates a silky, moisturizing lather that leaves skin clean but not dry. It's creamy enough to use as a shave bar (for my fellow lazy people who can't be bothered to use shaving cream).

Camamu Spicy Chai Soap in it's packaging arranged as a flatlay on a black background

The quality is obvious when you use this product, and the beautiful scent is just icing on the cake when you think of the healthy ingredients and the lack of anything questionable. No parabens, SLS, artificial perfume or colour. Now I just need to find a chai tea that smells anywhere near as good as this soap!

A Pinterest Graphic for Camamu Spicy Chai Soap and Warn Chai Tea as a flatlay

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