Purple Urchin | Dead Sea Mud & Cucumber Mask Review

Purple Urchin Dead Sea Mud & Cucumber Mask with the lid off on a white background with cucumber slices

If you haven't heard of Purple Urchin yet, then let me be the one to introduce you to your new favorite handmade products. With it's bright, modern packaging, unique products and delicious scents,  Purple Urchin makes it easy to be health conscious and environmentally friendly. They are a lovely Canadian company located in Ottawa's Chinatown. I'm fortunate enough that I live in Ottawa, so I've known and used Purple Urchin products ever since I decided to pursue environmentally friendly and healthier options for skin care. But don't fret if you aren't from around here, you can order from their online store from anywhere in Canada!

Purple Urchin Dead Sea Mud & Cucumber Mask with the lid on displayed on a white background with cucumber slices

Purple Urchin has expanded since it's humble start from soap crafted in a basement, and has moved on to a an on-site laboratory where they have now concocted a full range of products like scrubs, face cleansers, candles, creams--the list goes on. What I love about them is despite continuing to grow, they maintain that handmade feel in their packaging.

I've used a lot of Purple Urchin's products, but today I want to talk about one of their products that has blown me away. It's the Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask. Guys, I can't even right now. I think I have found my holy grail skin emergency product. 

A close up of Purple Urchin Dead Sea Mud & Cucumber Mask with the lid on

I was at Terra 20 (an environmentally friendly store that is a haven for green and healthy products. I will be doing a full review of this store so stay tuned!) and I asked the lovely girl working in the makeup section for a mask that will help clear up my skin when I start breaking out (I have combination/oily skin which means my T-zone is oily and I am prone to breakouts).

She immediately recommended the Dead Sea Mud Cucumber Mask from Purple Urchin... Let me tell you that this stuff WORKS. Its 99% natural and smells pretty good despite literally having "mud" in its name. 

Purple Urchin Dead Sea Mud & Cucumber Mask with the lid beside the open product

She told me it is intense and might dry out my skin, but that it will bring all the gunk to the surface and help extract blemishes. I wanted to give it a good run before I did this review, and it has consistently been helpful. I find it does draw the gunk out of your skin (even for under the skin blemishes!), and you kind of get that "it gets worse before it gets better" but, you can now extract any blemishes if that is what you normally do, or let them run their course (because that course has now been sped up). I know there a divided opinion on the best approach, so I leave that up to you! I usually extract though, and this mask made it super easy to do so.

Purple Urchin Dead Sea Mud & Cucumber Mask view from the side with cucumber slices

All in all, I haven't had a mask react this effectively with my skin before! I've never had almost immediate results like this one delivers for me. If you've been looking for something to get rid of breakouts fast, you need to try this! Let me know if you do! It's a fun mask to snap a selfie with because it's so dark and opaque. It's a classic mud mask, so get the cucumber slices ready!

Update: I had some questions about an ingredient in the Dead Sea Mud Mask called DMDM Hydantoin. DMDM Hydantoin is known to be a formaldehyde releasing preservative. Since so many of you prefer to avoid these types of ingredients, I wanted to get more information from Purple Urchin to help you make an informed decision on the products and ingredients so you can decide if you’re comfortable using it.  Purple Urchin was really easy to communicate, and provided me with a detailed explanation! I hope this helps clear up any questions.

“Our Dead Sea Mud mask contains an ingredient called "DMDM hydantoin", which is added to the mud by the distributors before we receive it. You'll see it listed in the ingredients on the Dead Sea Mud mask. Purple Urchin would like to note that we do not add this ingredient ourselves. We have checked with all of our other suppliers and each of them has the same ingredient, which leads us to believe it may be added before it leaves the origin country for exporting/importing purposes.

The preservative is in an incredibly small concentration: 0.009% for an entire bucket of mud, which we then dilute further with essential oils and extracts. Despite common belief, DMDM Hydantoin in itself is not formaldehyde, but rather releases small amounts of formaldehyde to keep microbes from growing in it. Considering the mud is scooped up from the side of an ocean, and remains hydrated with sea water during the entire distribution process, a preservative is imperative.

DMDM Hydantoin is an FDA-approved ingredient in quantities well above this. From our research, we have no reason to believe it is harmful to the health of our customers. Dead Sea Mud mask is one of our favourite products due to its detoxifying effects, and is loved by many. In an effort to listen to our customers, a small percentage of whom have expressed a desire to see a 100% natural Dead Sea Mud mask, we will continue to try to source a 100% natural Dead Sea Mud. Until we find one, we will keep making this mask using mud from our current provider, as the overwhelming majority of our customers have asked us to keep this product on the shelves. Lastly, we believe in transparency and customer choice, which is why it has been listed on our ingredients and why we always welcome customers to do their own research to make informed decisions.”

Learn more about this company in my Purple Urchin Brand Review.


  1. Their dead sea mud mask contains a formaldehyde releasing agent.

  2. Hello! I believe you’re talking about DMDM Hydantoin. I wanted to learn more about this ingredient so I asked Purple Urchin. I have a statement from them below to help explain this ingredient so we can better understand it:

    "Our Dead Sea Mud mask is a 99.9% natural product as it contains an ingredient known as DMDM Hydantoin. This preservative is necessary to prevent the growth of bacteria in this natural mud. Purple Urchin does not add this ingredient in ourselves. It is added by the distributors to ensure the wet mud does not expire before it arrives at our doorstep. The final mask contains less than 0.009% of the ingredient, is FDA approved in quantities this low, and we have no reason to believe it is harmful to the health of our customers."

    Read more about this in my blog post above :)

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