W3ll People | Expressionist Mascara and Hypnotist Eyepencil Review

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara and Hypnotist Eyepencil side by side on blue background in a green dish

W3LL PEOPLE was created by “an elite makeup artist, cosmetic dermatologist and treehugging entrepreneur”. Well thank goodness these three joined together because the world needs this brand. With ultra hydrating Aloe Vera and whenever possible, all natural ingredients, the “no-makeup” makeup look, no fillers or unhealthy ingredients…. it’s hard to go wrong here! The packaging and the idea behind it (simplicity, necessity) makes this makeup brand a minimalist’s dream. Today I'm going to be covering two of W3LL PEOPLE's products: The Expressionist Mascara and Hypnotist Eye Pencil.

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara and Hypnotist Eyepencil together on a green dish

I first want to say that this mascara did NOT irritate my eyes … which is a miracle if you know me. My eyes are beyond sensitive, and trying new mascara is risky business. I had to try this mascara after all the fuss I saw over it. So many beauty bloggers love it, and it’s won Allure Best of Beauty and Elle Essentials.

I actually bought the travel size because I thought it would be a great way to test it without buying the full size. The formula is great, I was very impressed by it! Considering what is in conventional mascaras (coal tar dye, petroleum, etc) the fact that this is only full of healthy ingredients and still performs says a lot about the effort and quality put into cosmetics by conventional brands.

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara open with the brush visisble

 I love the deep black of this mascara, I think black is the best colour for most people, but they offer it in brown as well (they just released purple and blue!) so you can take your pick. The formula combined with the brush makes it really easy to coat your lashes to create the “bold fluffy lashes” that W3LL PEOPLE describes. The brush is very rubbery and makes it easy to be precise with your application. 

They say it is clump free and buildable—I agree, I was able to build it up and it still looked fluffy not clumpy! Beautiful results.

The only issue I had with this mascara is that after wearing it for a couple hours it often leaves residue on my under eyes, in a very “racoon eyes” way.  Let me know if you have this issue too, and any tips to fix it! I've had this "racoon eyes" issue with many other mascaras, both natural and conventional, so I'm wondering if I apply too much product. 

W3ll People Hypnotist Eyepencil with the lid off

This eye pencil is amazing! I’ve always used liquid eyeliner so I was hesitant to try it. But, I was so impressed by the ingredients that I went for it. I also like the fact that they created it to keep the sensitive eye area moisturized and to leave out harsh ingredients that can age the skin.

I was able to do my usual eyeliner, a cute cat eye and can agree with what W3LL PEOPLE say about it being easy to blend for a smoky eye. The texture of the pencil is just amazing, so smooth and easy to apply. The packaging is great, very pretty and functional, with a cap that fits securely. Both products are a great size, they fit easily into my makeup bag. 

 All in all, I would recommend trying these eye products. I really enjoyed using the Expressionist Mascara and Hypnotist Eye Pencil, and experienced no skin or eye irritation, which is something I've always struggled with when using conventional makeup brands.

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