Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Review | Hydrating Lip Quenches

This Valentine's Day, gift yourself or your sweetheart a charming bouquet of fruity and floral goodness. Treat yourself all February with these Hydrating Lip Quenches from Rocky Mountain Soap Co.!

These lovely lip pots are made with high quality and healthy ingredients like all of RMSC's products. Think all-natural antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3s sourced from organic avocado, coconut and beeswax, all hand-crafted in small batches. The best part though - they are in biodegradable paper pots that go back to the earth safely. Share your smooches this Valentine's Day! #kissesfromrocky

These Lip Quenches truly are hydrating, making them perfect to use in the winter. I find that most lip products with colour dry out my lips, but these ones thankfully do not! I am so grateful to be able to wear some colour in these drab winter months without sacrificing the health of my skin. 

Each colour is inspired by fruits and flowers, and often a nice spot of colour. You may wonder how such rich colours can be created with only healthy ingredients, but it's because Rocky Mountain Soap Co. uses 100% natural mica and iron oxides for colour and shine. No confusing ingredients here!

They have named them after such beautiful fruits and flowers, and truly make a sweet gift for yourself or for a partner this Valentine's Day. If these accompany a bouquet of flowers, or are even presented to your partner on their own, they are sure to be pleased. Especially if your partner loves natural products and is earth conscious! You can even up-cycle your Lip Quench pots after they are empty with this sweet DIY project.

Personally, I love using these when I am going out because they fit into my purse easily (the purse in the picture is my current go-to), and give me just enough colour that I still have that natural "no-makeup" look I love. I am headed out to a sushi lunch today, and will be walking around downtown this cold February day, so you can bet I want my lips to be hydrated, colourful and healthy.

My overall review of the formula would be that the Lip Quenches have a light mint scent, and add moisture without being overwhelming. I often get headaches if my lip products are scented too strongly, but I have absolutely no issue with this. I also often feel uncomfortable when wearing any lip products and have the temptation to wipe them off, but this formula does not bother me. It sits on the lips very comfortably, and leaves my lips soft. The colour payoff is subtle and sheer, but makes lips look bigger because of the shimmer and boost of moisture. 

The Lip Quench in Poppy Red is the most pigmented of the four colours. It is a sheer red with a shimmer and warm undertones! I love this when I want a nice pop of colour on my lips, and mostly have neutral colours as my clothing choices.

Flower Symbolism: Poppies are known for beauty, success, extravagance and luxury.

The Lip Quench in Hibiscus Pink is a sheer shade of pink, with cool undertones and lovely shimmer. Sometimes I love to match my nail polish to the colour on my lips, and this shade of pink is perfect. I have a Pacifica Nail Polish that does just the trick.

Flower Symbolism: Pink Hibiscus represents love of all kinds, friendship and romantic. 

The Lip Quench Fresh Fig is so pretty and unexpected. It adds a sheer mauve colour with shimmer and a cool undertone. This is great when I want to wear a colour I don't have in my other lip products, since most of my lip products are pink or neutral.

Flower Symbolism: Fig trees and blossoms are a sign of peace and plenty. 

The Lip Quench in Dark Plum looks dark, but comes out very sheer. It adds a nice colour to the lips, and really lets the glossy texture and shimmer come through. This is a more neutral colour to me, and I love to wear it when my eye makeup is more dramatic to balance it out.

Flower Symbolism: Plum Blossoms symbolize perseverance, hope, beauty and purity.

If you try any of these Lip Quenches, use the hashtag #kissesfromrocky!

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