Wellborn Essentials | Body Butter, Balm and Lip Balm Review + Coupon Code!

I’ve heard about many small, handmade skincare brands popping up on store platforms like Etsy, but never had a chance to explore them. I've only used Etsy for digital products like home decor and for phone and laptop accessories.

While shopping on Etsy I was pleasantly surprised with the lovely, all-natural Wellborn Essentials! All products are pure, unrefined, raw, and organic. It is owned by Emily Wellborn, and she also takes it a step further and ensures everything is ethically sourced and ethically made.

I have something special for you... because Emily is amazing, she has provided a coupon code for you to use. Use ALISONSARAH10 at checkout to save 10%!

Wellborn Essentials has a selection of body butters, lip balms, bath soaks, you name it! She also has products that are baby and momma friendly - a must-buy for any friends or family (or yourself!) if you or they are expecting. I know lots of moms who would adore these safe products for their little ones.

Wellborn Essentials Body Butter, Balm and Lip Balm Gift Set (You Choose)
What did I decide to buy from Wellborn Essentials? The products that first caught my eye were the body butters - they look so rich and creamy! But I also wanted to try the lip balms ... and the miracle salve ... So what's a girl to do? Well, lucky for me, Wellborn Essentials has a gift set that allows you to choose all 3! You can even customize which type/scent of the product you want. There is a great selection to choose from, but I went with warm scents like cinnamon, and bright notes like citrus. Read on for more info on what I chose!

I think Wellborn Essentials just might have topped my plain ol’ shea butter with this lovely body butter. It has shea butter in it, but she also includes grapeseed oil (I use this as a facial moisturizer) and coconut oil (I love it as a hair treatment), so to me, it seems like an upgrade from just shea butter on its own - because why not use all 3 at once? Plus you can choose a scent and have your choice of essential oils infused into the blend!

While I adore my go-to pure Shea Butter, Wellborn Essentials has created a body butter that is creamier and smooths on the skin easily. Shea butter on its own is pretty thick and doesn’t spread that well, so it was ingenious to include grapeseed and coconut oils to create such a lovely skin concoction.

The gift set comes with the smaller version of the body butter (2 fl oz), this size is perfect if you plan to use it for your hands and dry spots here and there. If you want a body butter to use for your whole body regularly, then I suggest you treat yourself and get the bigger size (4 fl oz).

The packaging is great, and very pretty. It's a glass jar with a lid that easily fastens on and off while keeping a strong seal. I love the scent of the energizing blend so much that I often open the jar just to smell it ... does anyone else do that with their fave products?

Wellborn Essentials Balm - Miracle Salve

The Miracle Salve sounds like it was exactly what I needed for my dry, eczema-prone hands. Wellborn Essentials recommends it for minor cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites. That's why it's been so perfect for my hands when my eczema is really bad, because sometimes my skin cracks, or if my skin is dry it scrapes easily. Darn these Canadian winters!

With safflower oil that absorbs into the skin easily, coconut oil that is gentle and soothing, and beeswax to lock in all the moisture, it's hard not to agree with the product's name - miracle salve!

With essential oils like lavender, tea tree and lemon, the goodness continues and adds in more soothing properties, and antibacterial and antiviral properties. But yet the Miracle Salve does not smell overly "medicinal". It smells very pleasant!

The packaging for this product is lovely in its design, but also practical. It's a slim circular tin container so it's easy to fit in your bag while you're on the go. And honestly, I am surprised by how much product you get for the price! I can't imagine using this up quickly because a little goes such a long way.

Wellborn Essentials Lip Balm - Orange + Bergamot

Ah, lip balms - the one product I use without fail every single day of my life! I apply some kind of lip chap or lip balm every day because my lips are so dry. I am constantly on the lookout for a new lip product that will quench my dry lips. I know I always say this, but especially in the winter!

I chose Wellborn Essential's lip balm in Orange + Bergamot because I am literally in love with all citrus products. This one does not disappoint! Not only does it have a refreshing scent, but it delivers the moisture your lips need. It contains shea butter to soothe and aid collagen production, nourishing safflower oil and beeswax which locks in moisture and also provides antibacterial properties.

Some conventional lip balms claim to have shea butter, but often the ingredient is added in some small amounts it hardly matters. But with this lip balm it's the first ingredient on the list, and you can tell as soon as you apply it that it certainly has shea butter.

Overall, I am so impressed with Wellborn Essentials! Pure, high quality ingredients with products that are gorgeous, and perform as promised. And best yet - I had no allergic reactions from these products!

P.S. I actually store these on that gorgeous blue/white dish seen in the pictures! I mean how chic are these products? I love the black and white, so simple and classic to allow the product to shine through.

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