Urban Forest Soap Co. Review

If you have your eye out for a new natural soap to try, then look no further than Urban Forest Soap Co. and their gorgeous Soap Sampler Set! You get nine mini bars of soap, so you can try the many different scents in the product line. There are a lot of amazing scents to try! This soap sampler set doesn't even have room for all of them. Good luck choosing your favourite.

Fun Fact: Urban Forest Soap Co. was the first soap I tried when converting to natural products!

Urban Forest Soap is proudly Canadian, started by Trina in Wakefield, Quebec in 1996,  whose family suffered from various allergies and skin sensitivities. As is the case with many hand-made natural brands, she created her own products from scratch in her kitchen due to the lack of appropriate product offerings in stores to suit allergies.

Originally called "Brighid's Bard," the company was rebranded under the new name "URBAN FOREST SOAP" in 2004. The lovely celtic spiral logo was retained in the rebrand because it represents the company's essence. All products are always earth-, animal- and skin-friendly -- you can indulge guilt free!

Urban Forest Soap Co. Review

Urban Forest Soap Co.'s Soap Sampler Set

The set contains 9 mini soaps chosen from Urban Forest Soap Co.'s natural soap product line. I would suspect each box has a slightly different selection, but you will see below which scents I got in mine!

The mini soaps together are approximately 255g, so it's like you're getting more than 2 bars of soap (as one bar is typically 100g). I LOVE sampler sets of any kind because you can try a lot at once. And, seriously, how cute are mini products? Almost better than the having a full-sized product (almost)!

Urban Forest Soap Co. Review

From left to right: Ginger Lime, Activated Charcoal, Lemon Poppy, Avocado, Woodland, Rosemary Mint, Lavender, Cinnamon Patchouli, Oatmeal Orange.

Urban Forest Soap Co. Review

The soap is so rich and creates a thick lather that feel very smooth and moisturizing. It's not as frothy as you might be used to with conventional soaps that have sulfates in them. But, this natural soap is way better for your skin. It won't strip the natural oils your skin needs, and if you are prone to rashes and dry skin this will improve those issues.

According to Urban Forest Soap Co.'s website, all of the soaps are "superfatted". This means that they add extra emoliating oils that are never completely saponified, making all their bars super rich and extremely gentle to your skin. The best part for those of us with sensitive skin and allergies is that none of their products contain synthetic fragrances, perfumes, colourants or preservatives.

Urban Forest Soap Co. Review

Although sodium hydroxide (lye) is used as a saponification agent, none remains in the final bars. Keep in mind these soaps are truly natural and have a maximum shelf life of 1 year. The soaps contain only genuinely natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives (yay!).

All the scents are the perfect mix of packing some punch but not being too overwhelming. I personally love Ginger Lime and Lemon Poppy because I am apparently addicted to all things citrus. They are all excellent formulas and have a great range of classic scents (Lavender, Oatmeal Orange) and more unique ones (Cinnamon Patchouli, Woodland).

Urban Forest Soap Co. Review

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  1. This is not okay. My name is lori Stinson. Brighid's Bard was my company. I started it and sold it to a collective of 3 women in wakefield - I was based in chelsea when I sold it but that is not where (or when) I started. It was first registered and licensed in ottawa ontario. I still have all the original documents, registration, recipes and sales documents. I am not okay with you making up a story on this. You need to contact me right away.


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