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I'm sure you've heard of Schmidt's Natural Deodorant in its unconventional, beautiful glass jar. But, get ready for this: you can also pick up these bad boys in stick format! I love the glass jar (read my thoughts on Schmidt's Jar deo here!) but there is something special about the classic deodorant stick. One swipe under each arm and you're done. With the jar it takes slightly longer because you have to scoop the product out then apply it with your fingers.

But the best part? Both the jar and the stick work amazingly well to neutralize odour and provide wetness protection. So you can choose whichever format you want. But today I'm going to blab on about the stick version of this natural deodorant. I currently use the Bergamot Lime Stick Deodorant and I want to let you know why I love it!

Schmidt's Natural Stick Deodorant | Ylang Ylang + Calendula

The formula is clean.
It doesn't get cleaner than this all-natural deodorant. All five scents rank from 0-3 (clean) on the Think Dirty app (by the way you need the Think Dirty app in your life). With shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa seed butter and vitamin E, you could basically eat this (but you won't because you know it's not meant to be food). I found the thought of putting shea butter in my pits to be very strange, and yet here I am, loving it. Who knew? Anyways, I know people (me included) go on and on about "clean", "natural", "toxin-free" ingredients, but here's the thing: if there are products that exist that have no questionable ingredients, why not take advantage? Especially when their performance is up to par with conventional deodorant.

Schmidt's Natural Stick Deodorant | Lavender + Sage

The scents are amazing.
Let's be real here. I want to smell good, and you want to smell good, right? So when a company offers a range of 5 different scents, then we all win. I have smelled them all and can say that Bergamot Lime is still my one true love, but Ylang-Ylang Calendula is a close second. If you love subtler scents, then go with Lavender Sage, and if you want something more earthy, I'd recommend Cedarwood Juniper. And you don't give a darn about scents? Go with the unscented option!

Schmidt's Natural Stick Deodorant | Bergamot + Lime

Deodorant Detox.
Also consider that you will likely need a "sweat detox" for a period of time when you switch to natural deodorants. When I first switched to natural deodorant, I was using the crystal deodorant and I found that my body needed some time to adjust to such a different deodorant. I was used to using a strong antiperspirant deodorant which basically stopped me from sweating completely, which really isn't healthy. Sweating is a great way for your body to remove toxins, so keep in mind it's good to sweat. The goal here is to still sweat, but to deodorize so you keep smelling fabulous.

Schmidt's Natural Stick Deodorant | Cedarwood + Juniper

Overall, I highly recommend Schmidt's Natural Deodorant! If you're looking to try a natural deo, this is the place to start. Or if you've tried a natural deodorant before and it didn't work out, I'd suggest trying again with Schmidt's!

Schmidt's Natural Stick Deodorant | Fragrance Free

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